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We published an article ‘Meaningful core values’ in June of 2018, linked here: Values Article.

Our intention was to create a deeper understanding of the importance of discovering and living Company values, especially in a trades dependent business. I emphasize this, because so often our skilled trades people are out of the office with customers, or key relationships, so they really are emissaries of the business in every sense of the word. Ensuring they know corporate values, that they are informed and empowered to live those values, is essential. This isn’t simply an internal exercise, it is foundational to most everything undertaken by the business.

At LincEdge, we underwent an exercise that reminded me of our values discovery. We engaged a branding firm to help us get our message across. The firm that helped us took us through an exercise that complemented values discovery. We could see this playing out in the convergence of these elements: Trustworthy, Approachable, Clear & Concise.

I was impressed as the process unfolded. Once again, I could see clearly how values impact everything we do. Our brand values, though specific to our outward facing communications, are also influenced by corporate values.

I thought this may be of interest in your businesses as well.

Defining ‘Approachable’ implies friendly and easy to talk to. So, what does that look like? Not putting on heirs or graces, referring to people by their names, managing expectations, responding promptly, without bias, and not making excuses. ‘Clear and Concise’ suggests that language is not confusing or complicated. No acronyms, clear explanations that stand on their own, transparency, letting users know the reasons we are doing or asking for things, which we may from time to time, or within our application require, and lastly, use as few words as possible.

It is not enough to be approachable, as well as clear and concise. We need to be Trustworthy as well. To do this, we need to deal with things in a timely and appropriate manner, work to resolve issues quickly and effectively, value long term relationships more than short term successes, and focus more on core principles and customer loyalty than short term commissions and profits.

All common sense, but rarely articulated so clearly. From these guidelines, copy and tone are influenced, and terminology clearly identified and described. Everything converges around these parameters, to ensure consistency and our loyalty to these brand values.

I hope this has been informative and is useful in your own businesses.

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Head shot photograph of Marilyn Sanford

Marilyn Sanford is the co-founder and CEO of LincEdge.

In the past, she had co-founded and ran a custom install firm for 23 years.

You can find Marilyn on LinkedIn.

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