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LincEdge allows me to fill gaps in my schedule, sometimes even on short notice, helping me make the most of every business day. The communication is efficient and the firms I do work for are reputable. I definitely plan to continue using LincEdge to connect with other firms and grow my network.

Chad Myers, Owner, Evolution Media Systems


Build a Network

Safely build a network by inviting existing or by finding new partners through the job posting process. Verified members are checked by LincEdge and a detailed profile is included to help users qualify their own safe pool of skilled labor.

Meet Timelines

Source skilled labor to maintain timelines and reduce stress in peak periods. Avoid mistakes caused by compressed schedules, inexperienced staff and poor sight continuity. Reduce delays and mistakes that complicate completion of the last 5%.

Drive New Business

Supports safe and healthy business growth by providing access to competent labor resources while scaling business. It is also a new opportunity to turn downtime into revenue, when sharing workers through trusted alliances.

Grow Profits

Reduce overhead cost by decreasing the amount of downtime. Increase revenue streams by taking on more projects, sourcing skilled workers from the LincEdge Network or offering skilled labor to Trusted Partners on the network.

The Problem Scenarios

Peak Labor Demand
Shortly after arriving to work, a key relationship calls. There is a change in plans and he needs your experienced staff on site a week earlier. Your priorities and mood take an unexpected turn. Your guys are already working overtime and there is no obvious way to satisfy the current demand. You decide to reduce crew size on another job leaving that site exposed, after spending considerable time trying to source other options.
Guys on the Bench
The following week, you drive by sites to confirm site readiness for your crew. One of your larger sites is not ready, the floor still not laid. More delays, likely for several days. Your skilled workers are now idle, reducing billable revenues. These guys are too valuable to layoff, so you assign shop work, do some training and send more guys to an active job site, which you know is inefficient.
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It was simple and straightforward when posting my job. I was able to find someone that I otherwise would have never considered. The workmanship provided matched my high standards. Overall it was an amazing experience.

Daniel Mendes, Owner, Liquid Sound

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