Lincedge helps manage labour utilization in Construction

LincEdge helps users lower labour costs by creating trusted partnerships. This allows users to safely find competent skilled labour when it is needed, and offer skilled labour in unexpected downtimes, depending on their business cycle.

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You can have it both ways!

You have the ability to both find and offer skilled labour. It all depends on your current needs.

Find skilled labour

When you find yourself in need of labour, you can send out a posting looking for the specific skill needed. You send this to either the entire network or to one, a few or all trusted partners, to see if they can help.

Offer labour

If you have idle/available labour capacity, you can offer that to other users on the network that are looking to find additional help by contracting that labour capacity to them.

Reducing labour costs

When work exceeds labour capacity, firms are often tempted to make do, sending fewer trades, the wrong trades or pulling trades from sites to meet conflicting demands. This all costs, especially when it comes to efficiencies and the last 5% of a job.

If it is possible to hire during peaks, it may not be the best choice of personnel. Also, when sites are not ready or there is a downturn it may add to overheads or force layoffs, which can be hard on crew.

Finding and cultivating trusted partner networks allows flexibility and cost management by reaching out confidently when additional capacity is needed.

Alternatively, by creating a trusted partner network, when business is slower, surplus capacity can be contracted to a trusted relationship, reducing overheads and ensure that good trades are profitably retained.

User Testimonial

“LincEdge allows me to fill gaps in my schedule, sometimes even on short notice, helping me make the most of every business day. The communication is efficient and the firms I do work for are reputable. I definitely plan to continue using LincEdge to connect with other firms and grow my network.”

Chad Myers, Owner,
Evolution Media Systems

It was simple and straightforward when posting my job. I was able to find someone that I otherwise would have never considered. The workmanship provided matched my high standards. Overall it was an amazing experience.

Daniel Mendes, Owner,
Liquid Sound

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