LincEdge’s mission is to create and grow a network for owners of skilled trade businesses and freelancers, making it safe to connect, source and share labour as needed.


What We Do

LincEdge makes it easy to source and share skilled labour. By doing this, businesses have the capability of reducing overhead costs in slower periods, increasing profits by more effectively meeting commitments in peak periods and realizing new capacity to grow revenues. LincEdge can also be used to source skills for out of town work, service and to access trades outside of core disciplines as needed.

Why We Do It

Businesses that depend on skilled labour are challenged to find talent, provide training and ensure secure employment during business cycles and uncertainties. Rarely do these businesses lay off their skilled workers and often stress workers in peak periods. Overheads rise, and margins fall, especially when tasked with completion of the last 5% of a job. Additionally, finding and keeping loyal and competent skilled employees is getting more difficult with shifting demographics and the growing trend to operate independently.

How We Do It

We create tools that make it easy to build a trusted partner network, offer or find needed skills and drive quality through an intuitive, safe and effective rating system (Trust Score). LincEdge quickly and easily unlocks labour capacity, often inaccessible through normal channels. Using LincEdge makes it easy for firms to partner and share resources. Some of the most profitable firms practice sharing today. By doing this, overheads are better-managed, peak demands handled more effectively, and new revenue opportunities exposed.

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