Peak Labour Demand
Shortly after arriving to work, a key relationship calls. There is a change in plans and he needs your experienced staff on site a week earlier. Your priorities and mood take an unexpected turn. Your guys are already working overtime and there is no obvious way to satisfy the current demand. You decide to reduce crew size on another job leaving that site exposed, after spending considerable time sourcing options that were too busy to help.
Guys on the Bench
The following week, you drive by sites to confirm site readiness for your crew. A key site is not ready, the floor still not laid. More delays, likely for several days. Your skilled workers are now idle, reducing billable revenues. These guys are too valuable to layoff, so you assign shop work, do some training and send more guys to an active job site, which you know is inefficient.
The Benefits
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Building a Network

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Meeting Business Timelines

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Reducing Downtime

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Growing Profits

How It Works
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Post and Bid

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Access Extensive Skills

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Instant Notification

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It was simple and straightforward when posting my job. I was able to find someone that I otherwise would have never considered. The workmanship provided matched my high standards. Overall it was an amazing experience.

Daniel Mendes, Owner, Liquid Sound

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